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If you look at the program of the upcoming 22nd XBRL International Conference you may notice that the traditionally offered XBRL Global Ledger training will be a little different this time.

On Sunday May 15 Eric E. Cohen and I will present the usual introduction to the basic “why and how” of XBRL GL – why it is necessary, where it fits and how it works. On Monday May 16 though there will be an additional session focusing on the role of XBRL GL in supporting XBRL adoption, especially in non-strictly financial statements oriented compliance – such as within Standard Business Reporting (SBR) programs.

I particularly look forward to this session.  I have been significantly involved in the SBR community for many years, working in existing projects (both NL and AU – I am pretty sure that nobody else has similar bragging rights) and in a number of countries where SBR initiatives are currently under evaluation. I am eager to share the insight and experiences accumulated and to discuss some key points that I know will be beneficial to the audience in very practical ways.

The introductory class is not a pre-requisite – of course it would help achieve the tools for a better understanding, but if you are not in Brussels on Sunday and you are interested in these topics do not be discouraged. This session is designed as a stand-alone class.

If you plan to be in Brussels and you have an interest in XBRL GL, you are probably already registered for the training. If you have an interest in topics such as XBRL implementation, SBR, tax reporting, statistical reporting… you probably should register now.

I hope to see you in Brussels!

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