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XBRL GL WG Outreach Webcast "Amazing Accounts" Now Available

“Amazing Accounts” , an outreach session hosted on March 30, 2011 by the XBRL Global Ledger Working Group is now available as a webcast  here.

Learn about one of the most foundational structures of XBRL GL – the account structure – and understand its reporting representational power that covers not only accounting but much, much more. You will learn:

  • What can be represented with the account structure, and how
  • Other structures that parallel and supplement the account structure
  • How the account structure in XBRL GL uniquely supports cross-GAAP and cross-reporting reconciliation, reporting trees, and super-charges sub-ledger reporting concepts

You can also check the list of all the past webcasts hosted by the XBRL GL Working Group  in the Webcasts page of the GaLaPaGoS – Global Ledger Practices Guide for Study website.

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