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Yesterday during the monthly – well OK, it is not monthly, it is periodic – XBRL GL Working Group outreach call I gave a presentation on one of the next big things in the implementation of XBRL for internal use: XBRL GL Profiles for Labels, Documentation, Presentation, Rules and Constraints, aka XBRL GL PLDPRC.

XBRL GL PLDPRC is about leveraging XBRL GL as a generic, holistic standard while at the same time providing a standardized way to cater for local restrictions and usage conventions – in other words, about safely customizing XBRL GL without breaking its philosophy and its architectural design, two features that ensure its “fitness for the purpose.”

I am very excited about this effort, because I believe that it is important not only as a tool to make XBRL GL implementation simpler and easily customizable for specific requirements, but also to contribute to the more general discussion about profiles for XBRL as a whole.  The initial reaction within the XBRL community has been very encouraging in this respect.

The webcast of the presentation will be available soon in GaLaPaGoS, and I will let you know when that happens.  Meanwhile, the slides that I presented yesterday are posted below.

If you have an interest in this discussion and you feel you can contribute, please let the XBRL GL Working Group or myself know.

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