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Advanced XBRL Implementation / 2014-3005

Advanced XBRL Implementation

The value of business data standardization is clear, and the decision to start an XBRL project is taken – how can you equip your team with the knowledge and tools to address the issues that inevitably rise as implementation progresses?  Each project has different features and its implementation will face unique challenges — but there are some foundational considerations that are common to most situations. This module highlights best practices and lessons learned from the implementation of complex XBRL projects worldwide, identifying key considerations that need to be addressed and the solutions that work best depending on the overall requirements of the project. Topics include:

  • Creation and management of calculations and formulas
  • Advanced XBRL taxonomy architecture considerations:
    • Managing taxonomy growth and governance with a Standard Business Reporting (SBR) taxonomy architecture
    • When XBRL GL should be part of your taxonomy architecture, and how to include it
    • Leveraging existing XBRL taxonomies, and more
  • Best practices for XBRL GL extension
  • Using XBRL GL Profiles to enhance taxonomy usability
  • Versioning at XBRL GL and end reports level

Upcoming dates: On Demand Duration: 90 minutes Price: US$ 149.00

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Advanced XBRL Implementation
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