Deeply Embedded XBRL in Action / 2014–3004

Deeply Embedded XBRL in Action

Embedding XBRL deeply within the corporate information system enables data producers (businesses and organizations) to leverage XBRL internally and achieve the same benefits that prompt the global adoption of XBRL by data consumers (primarily governments and regulators). This session will introduce XBRL Global Ledger (XBRL GL), the key enabler of the internal use of XBRL, and will demonstrate how it can be used, alone or in conjunction with other XBRL taxonomies, to achieve immediate, tangible internal process benefits with little or no investment in additional software. Topics include:

  • An overview of XBRL Global Ledger, why and how it is used
  • Taking ownership of corporate data with the Deeply Embedded XBRL approach
  • Leveraging a highly reusable application- and purpose-independent platform to create, populate and reconcile internal and external reports
  • Using Microsoft Excel as-is (no XBRL specific add-ons) and XBRL GL to access, filter, analyze and report on data from any internal data repository
  • Mapping to XBRL GL: foundational concepts and best practices

Upcoming dates: On Demand Duration: 90 minutes Price: US$ 149.00

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