Compleat XBRL Global Ledger Courses

Introduction To XBRL GL

XBRL-GL-001 (½ day)
Audience: Basic
Prerequisites: XML-001, XBRL-001

Learn what XBRL GL, the standardized Global Ledger, is and how it fits in the greater world of XBRL and other business standards. Overview of what XBRL GL looks like: a tour of GaLaPaGoS.

Introduction To XBRL GL — Advanced

XBRL-GL-002 (1 day)
Audience: Foundational
Prerequisites: XBRL-GL-001

Overview of XBRL GL, the standardized Global Ledger, and of its role and scope. What XBRL GL can represent, what it looks like in best practice instance documents. What software is available. How to incorporate XBRL GL in existing applications. XBRL GL in use.

XBRL GL Conceptual

XBRL-GL-003 (1 day)
Audience: Foundational
Prerequisites: XBRL-GL-002

A deep dive of the XBRL GL taxonomy for those who prefer a non-technical (“no angle brackets” or keyboard skill necessary) education. You will learn about the representation power of XBRL GL through a series of group and individual exercises to represent data at various points along the audit supply chain with XBRL GL.

XBRL GL For Controls and Audit

XBRL-GL-004 (1 day)
Audience: Foundational
Prerequisites: XBRL-GL-002

With the Sarbanes-fortified focus on internal controls (including management’s annual assertion that internal controls over financial reporting are effective) and demands for more frequent, more detailed reporting, integration facilitated by standardization is a key weapon for efficiency and reduced risk, and XBRL GL can be a key facilitator. Come learn how to leverage XBRL GL in an internal controls environment and to help enable the “Seamless Audit Trail.”

XBRL GL Hands-on Technical Training

XBRL-GL-005 (1 day)
Audience: Foundational
Prerequisites: XBRL-GL-002

A deep dive of the XBRL GL taxonomy focusing on the key concepts and elements. You will apply these concepts and gain hands on experience with the taxonomy by constructing and validating instance documents for typical scenarios. Building on the best practices gained from the exercises, we will explore the xbrlInfo tuple and its role in linking XBRL GL entries to XBRL Financial Reporting (e.g. US GAAP, IFRS, etc…) or other XML schema.

Using XBRL GL Today

XBRL-GL-006 (1 day)
Audience: Technical
Prerequisites: XBRL-GL-003

Overview, live demos and hands on exercises on how to use XBRL GL, the standardized Global Ledger, today with common tools like Microsoft Excel and standard technologies like XSL(T).