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Transparency and efficiency are mainstream trends in Government-to-Government reporting, and data standardization is a key enabler of both. If you are a Government agency or State and Local entity in pretty much any country, chances are that you are hearing more and more about it.

If you are in Brazil or in the United States, a mandate to use XBRL to report is either already in effect or just around the corner. IPHIX® specializes in enabling organizations to comply with XBRL mandates minimizing costs and maximizing efficiencies, with no need to replace or re-engineer the systems in place.

Our consulting services and our solutions will support you across all project phases.


In this phase, you will need to explore the XBRL technology and define the requirements for its implementation in your information system. Three Easy Steps is a low flat fee package that includes all the technology and the consulting services necessary to create a boardroom prototype. The prototype will be designed to show how different XBRL usage profiles support the specific goals and requirements of your project, and will demonstrate how to generate the required XBRL reports with the least investment and resources. Another primary benefit of the prototype is that it provides a blueprint for implementation, and a very pragmatic and effective way to train and facilitate knowledge transfer to the team.


XKUBED, is our solution to enable filers to generate XBRL reports, minimizing the costs and maximizing the efficiency of the process. Its benefits include:

  • Seamless integration with your internal accounting, financial and operational systems
  • Ability to choose the level of granularity of the information from which the reports are generated, which enables the optimization of the report generation process
  • Low impact technology that automates the compliance process without replacing or re-engineering existing applications
Post-Implementation Enhancements

The same benefits that prompt regulators worldwide to adopt data standardization apply to any other data related process, external or internal. The purpose here is not to replace existing software application – rather, it is to address gaps that are commonly addressed through spreadsheets and other manual and inefficient processes.

Additional Three Easy Steps projects will show you how to reuse the skills and resources acquired in the pre-implementation and deployment phases, and how to apply them to internal processes such as internal reporting, auditing, data monitoring, and business intelligence.  XKUBED supports seamlessly regulatory and non-regulatory uses of XBRL and other data standardization formats.

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