The use of data standards such as the Extensible Business Reporting Language (XBRL) for business-to-Government reporting is a global reality. The move away from the current disconnected reports, difficult to consolidate and to compare, towards open data that can be efficiently and automatically consumed and reconciled is at the top of the agenda of Governments worldwide, because standardized data enables unprecedented internal efficiencies, greater data quality, and streamlines the exchange of information. Standardized data is Open, Interactive, Intelligent Data.

The key question is: can standardized data be implemented in an inexpensive, efficient way, without the need to replace or re-engineer existing software applications? Can Open, Interactive, Intelligent Data also be Sustainable Data?

We have extensive experience in the use of data standards as enablers of significant cost savings and greater efficiencies both in the dissemination of information and within an organization’s internal environment. Our experience is derived from standardization projects based on the use of XBRL within cross agency governmental projects, individual governmental agencies, commercial enterprises and other non-governmental entities, in the United States and globally.

Whether your organization must provide its information in XBRL to comply with a mandate or wants to leverage Sustainable Data internally to achieve better information with lower costs and more efficiently, we will help you get started and we will provide services and solutions along all phases of your project in a pragmatic, cost-efficient way.

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