XBRL Taxonomy Architecture Conformance Tests – XTACT


Each XBRL taxonomy comes with an architecture document, which sets rules such as naming conventions, best practice use of XBRL components, style guides for labels and element names, and more. Testing the conformance with these rules is a key step in the process of creation, review, publication and deployment of the taxonomy.

XTACT is a library of automated tests that can be performed on XBRL taxonomies and instance documents. It is the result of many years of experience working within major regulatory XBRL projects and includes tests of general applicability as well as tests specific to broadly used taxonomy architectures such as IFRS, SBR and XBRL GL. These taxonomy-specific tests are used in projects that leverage these taxonomies within their own, or that have defined a taxonomy architecture modeled on one of them.

User-specific tests can be added by purchasing a 1 or 5 units development pack and submitting the description of the desired tests to our experienced development team.

XTACT is available in the following versions:

Local Installation

1 Year

Custom Test Development Pack

1 Unit

Test Development Pack

5 Units
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