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IPHIX® Turns Page

The IPHIX® web site is down today… no, not because of SOPA, even though indeed we don’t agree with its current formulation. Oh and by the way talking about SOPA this article called my attention as a very objective and balanced comment on the “Wikipedia Blackout” that occurred yesterday. Yes, it was a great thing. No, I hope it will never happen again, not even for a worthy cause like in this case. Because there is a tangible risk that people enthusiastically buy into any form of “crowdsourced protest” just because it is the new cool thing, and that only a small percentage of them really takes the time to look into the reasons, understand the issues and form their own opinion. Anyway, I digress.

The IPHIX® web site is down today because a brand new website will take its place. An exciting brand new image, a lot of new content, and a renewed focus on what we think matters the most in the XBRL world: enabling businesses large and small to leverage data standardization internally, and to achieve costs savings and internal process efficiencies that would otherwise require a significant investment in new software and in the time and resources necessary to deploy it.

All the thinking done and the experience gained in many years of leadership in the internal use of XBRL within businesses and NFP organizations is now coming together under new offerings of tools and services designed to support deeply embedded XBRL. implementations, which will complement (and leverage) our extensive experience in helping governments and regulators worldwide design and deploy their XBRL based programs.

It is an exciting moment for us, and we can’t wait to share the news with our clients and those who follow us and support our vision of total data transparency and accessibility within the enterprise through standardization. So please stay tuned, and follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn for the latest updates – the Hello World moment will happen sometimes between now and the end of the upcoming weekend.

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