Sustainable Data, Open Standards and XBRL News – Written by Gianluca Garbellotto + Guest Bloggers

Greater Transparency as Social Demand in Brazil

News about increasing in public spending in Brazil rarely questions the quality of expenditure, i.e. there is no debate about how much of it meets the needs of citizens. Lack of data transparency in the public sector explains why this debate is commonly limited. In...

‘Tis The Season For Audit Data Standards

The AICPA just published two new Audit Data Standards (ADS) exposure drafts here For those that are not familiar with the ADS, the first three standards – Base Standard, General Ledger Standard, and Accounts Receivable Subledger Standard...

Interactive, Intelligent, Smart… Sustainable!

There are a few different ways of defining XBRL data that are being used in an effort to convey its unique features and benefits, such as Interactive Data, Intelligent Data, and Smart Data. They are all accurate and useful, because they communicate the idea that, once...
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